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Alton Jet Pumps, LLC (Jennings, LA) and BreakThrough Pumps Limited (Houston, TX) 
have entered into an agreement that authorizes BreakThrough Pumps as Distributor 
for marketing, installation and maintenance of Alton Jet Pumps and accessories.

About Alton Jet Pumps
The efficiency of AJP is technological leap forward...

Competitive Advantages
State of the art Alton Jet Pumps are efficient, low maintenance, adaptable...

Alton Jet Pump Applications
AJP Pumps are ideal for operations in environmentaly sensitive areas, hydraulically fractured wells...

Closed Loop Animation
View an animation of how the closed loop action of Alton Jet Pumps works...

Case Histories
AJP Pump installations featured prominently in the success stories of many well owners...

About Alton Jet Pump Systems

Understanding the complex challenges facing the global community to recover more oil, Alton Pumps LLC developed a revolutionary and cost effective artificial-lift jet pump (AJP) system that can greatly enhance and/or stimulate oil recovery from mature and marginal oilfields both onshore and offshore. The efficiency of AJP is technological leap forward that changes the commerciality of producing oil using artificial-lift.

The system was so innovative that a patent has been issued for its design awarded to Alton Jet Pump Company. Last year BreakThrough Pumps signed with Alton Jet Pumps rights to be worldwide Distributor for AJP. The revolutionary AJP has no internal moving parts, except for the standard ball and seat at bottom to control back pressures. As a result sand, mud, paraffin and vapor-lock problems are practically non-existent as compared to other and older pump designs. Therefore, operating and maintenance costs are dramatically reduced while oil and gas production are boosted.

Over the last ten years, various models of the AJP have been field tested in dozens of producing wells across the lower 48 states. The majority of these mature wells experienced increased oil production while at the same time operations and maintenance costs dropped dramatically. For operators, this is the right combination to improve their bottom lines and lessen their environmental footprint.

In certain parts of the world, water is highly valuable commodity. As a result, the compact and slim jet pump systems can easily be adopted for environmental and hydrological applications. In other words, the jet pump system can be applied to handle all types of fluid pumping requirements.

AJP has designs to pump power fluid down the casing and up the tubing, but it can also be used in a design to pump power fluid down the tubing and back up the casing to efficiently increase the oil, water and gas recovery. Recently a closed loop design has been perfected to lift some wells. An echometer can be run to verify well fluid levels. The AJP is the right solution to increase the profitability of artificially lifting marginal wells. The AJP has pumped from 12,000 feet and can be designed for deeper wells and has been installed in both high volume wells and marginal wells.

For a world consuming almost 90 million barrels of oil per day and global populations continuing to grow each year, the stewardship of the world resources demand that innovative products, such as the AJP be employed for effective recoveries.

How does the system work?
How does the system work?

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