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Alton Jet Pumps, LLC (Jennings, LA) and BreakThrough Pumps Limited (Houston, TX) 
have entered into an agreement that authorizes BreakThrough Pumps as Distributor 
for marketing, installation and maintenance of Alton Jet Pumps and accessories.

About Alton Jet Pumps
The efficiency of AJP is technological leap forward...

Competitive Advantages
State-of-the-art Alton Jet Pumps efficient, low maintenance, adaptable

Alton Jet Pump Applications
AJP Pumps are ideal for operations in environmentaly sensitive areas, hydraulically fractured wells...

Closed Loop Animation
View an animation of how the closed loop action of Alton Jet Pumps works...

Case Histories
AJP Pump installations featured prominently in the success stories of many well owners...


Case Histories

  • New Horizon Exploration Well #2, Santa Maria, CA:
    Before AJP pump was installed in the well, the well was not producing. The reservoir had a 6 API gravity crude at 4200 feet. After installation of AJP, the well produced 40 BPD.
  • Plains E & P, Blackstone #1, Woodville, TX:
    This well was producing 30 BPD of oil and gas before installing the AJP. After installing AJP, production increased to approx. 170 BPD from 12,000 feet perforations.
  • Mobil Company, Grosse Tete, East Louisiana:
    Well was making 3 BPD crude oil and 200 BPD water before installing AJP. After installation of AJP at 3100 feet, the well began making 10 BPD crude oil and 400 BPD of water. The AJP operated for 7 days per week for 1 year before well was shut-in making 100% water.
  • Murphy Exploration, Alabama:
    New well completion when the AJP was installed. Opened well at 100 BPD fluid and production gradually increased to 460 BPD.
  • Cortex Energy:
    The well, originally on a rod pump, was producing 2 BPD of crude. After AJP installed well made 10 BPD of crude oil and 400 BPD of water with some sand. The well pumped for 4 months and went to 100% water and sanded up.
  • Gulfport Energy Corp, Well B-9, Sulphur, LA:
    The well was gas-lifting 20 BPD before AJP installed. After AJP installed on coil tubing, the production from 5,000 feet increased to about 50 BPD of crude oil and 200 BPD water.
  • Aminex, USA, Inc., Well 2-B, Shoats Creek, LA:
    The well was producing 18 BPD of oil on rod pump. After installing AJP at surface production increased to 35 BPD of oil from 8,400 feet.

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