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Alton Jet Pumps, LLC (Jennings, LA) and BreakThrough Pumps Limited (Houston, TX) 
have entered into an agreement that authorizes BreakThrough Pumps as Distributor 
for marketing, installation and maintenance of Alton Jet Pumps and accessories.

About Alton Jet Pumps
The efficiency of AJP is technological leap forward...

Competitive Advantages
State-of-the-art Alton Jet Pumps efficient, low maintenance, adaptable

Alton Jet Pump Applications
AJP Pumps are ideal for operations in environmentaly sensitive areas, hydraulically fractured wells...

Closed Loop Animation
View an animation of how the closed loop action of Alton Jet Pumps works...

Case Histories
AJP Pump installations featured prominently in the success stories of many well owners...


Competitive Advantages

  • State-of-the-Art Alton Jet Pump (AJP) is much more efficient than the current hydraulic jet pumps on the market. AJP produces almost one barrel from the reservoir for every barrel of power fluid used to drive the pump.
  • Very low maintenance of AJP, since there are no internal moving parts to wear out, only a standard ball and seat for back pressure control.
  • Sand, mud, paraffin and vapor lock problems are virtually eliminated compared with other pumps, such as the Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP) and Sucker Rod Pumps (Pump Jacks).
  • Because the efficiency of AJP is so much higher, the surface pump required to pump the power fluid into the AJP is much smaller. Consequently the surface foot print for unit is very compact and the electrical consumption is much lower.
  • AJP pump can be designed to be easily removed from your well without the need for a workover rig to pull the AJP pump out of hole.
  • AJP can be adapted to existing surface facilities in the field.
  • AJP can be installed on the tubing to produce the reservoir through either the tubing or from the casing. Recently in a new application to produce stripper oil wells, the AJP has been used very successfully in a closed loop configuration inside the 2-3/8” and the 2-7/8” tubing.

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